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How to sell

How to best describe your product

A good product description sends a clear message: commitment, honesty and fair trade.

Products that are presented and promoted in the right way have a higher chance to attract the buyer’s interest. When you are selling online, your allies are words and photography, both equally important for making the first good impression.

How can you best describe your products?

A salesperson should know how to best present their goods. If you need help, we have some advice for you.

You are also a buyer

Take a moment and think about this: What is the first thing that catches your eye and attracts your interest before you decide to buy a new product of any kind?

Start with a simple fact: you are also a buyer, and, before presenting your product, you should spend some time thinking about information that are important to you as a buyer.

What would you like to know about a certain organic product?

Would you like to know where the food is produced? Who can guarantee the quality of the product?

Think as a buyer, and describe your product by answering the questions that would interest you.

Be precise and clear

What is too much information and what is too little?

Let’s say you are selling Meadow honey, is this the right way to describe your product?

I sell meadow honey, see pictures.

No. This description doesn't tell much about the product.

Is this the way to go?

Our meadow honey is produced without synthetic substances. The bees have only foraged from organically grown flowers. We produce bee colonies that are not maintained with the use of any chemicals. The beehives are specifically placed in isolated areas away from any type of contamination (agricultural areas, heavy traffic areas and so on). Our organic honey comes from bees that have not harvested nectar from non-organic flowers.

We also produce potato near our apiary and we do not use artificial fertilizers. If you don’t want the meadow honey, you can order linden honey.

What do you think about this description?

Too much information can easily confuse a buyer. Repeating information, or adding irrelevant and incorrect details, isn’t a good practice. Moreover, if you are selling meadow honey, why are you informing your potential buyer about another product?

If you are also selling Linden honey, add a new product and describe it properly. Each product has its own story that needs to be best presented.

What is a good product description?

For more than 15 years, our family has been producing meadow honey. Our apiary is located in the place where the bees can only forage from organically grown crops and we make sure hives are protected against contamination of any kind, either by wind or by bee travel. Our meadow honey is produced without synthetic substances.

What’s important to know?

The buyers don’t want to waste their time reading long, incorrect descriptions, moreover, if your product is badly presented, you will leave a bad impression. If photographs are blurry and soft, you might lose the buyer's interest entirely.

Be clear, precise and informative.

Choose the right category

OrganicNet will offer you to select a product category, for instance, the category Fruits, or Vegetables, Dairy, Spices, and so on.

Whether you have selected the wrong category by accident (that you can easily change) or you have something misunderstood in the process of adding the product, there’s a high probability you will confuse the buyer in case your product is Strawberry jam and you’ve chosen Fruits category and subtype Strawberries.

The buyer can browse and filter products in different ways, one of which is filtering the products by category. Read more about selecting the right category.

Think about grammar and spelling

You’re not writing a newspaper article and you are not a professional writer, which you don’t have to be, however, it’s still important to think more about the way of compiling and writing about your product.

It’s important to provide precise and reliable information that are nicely presented, and this means you need to take into account the spelling and writing mistakes. The important part of marketing your product is also the tone of the text directed to the buyer as it can show your willingness to cooperate.

Photographs should match the product description

We’ve already explained why both photography and product description are equally important for the best promotion.

Although it’s tempting and easy to find beautiful photographs on the web, you must add the photographs of your product or household, especially if you decide to show where the product is produced and how.

All photographs that are not portraying your product in the right way are a sign of disrespect towards the buyer. Read more on how to photograph your product.

The whole purchasing process on OrganicNet is built on trust and reputation. Likewise, each buyer reviews the purchasing process by rating the value of money, food quality and communication with a seller.

Having read this, you are ready to share your story and present your products in the best way.

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