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How to sell

How can you share your story?

When it comes to managing a successful business, it’s as important to be in the right place at the right time as to have a good presentation of your business.

Online presence is a great business advantage. However, lack of good online presentation or visibility oftentimes make people think that there are currently no such products on the market, while most of the time people are in fact on a hunt for exactly those products.

Your internet presentation plays an important, informative role in your business presentation, and the buyer should have all necessary information at hand. Moreover, having a good online business presentation should facilitate and speed up you business activities and sales.

To help you market your business, we have created a section within your online store where you can present your farm or household, share what encouraged and inspired you to get in organic farming and how you have started, and that is About section.

OrganicNet Tell Your Story

What is your story?

All healthy food has a story and we want to help you share that story.

Share with us the story about your farm or household

When did you start producing organic food? Is this a tradition in your family? Where is your farm or message?

Tell us more about your products

What plants and crops do you grow? Do you offer processed organic products?

If you have an organic animal farm, how do you feed the animals and what products are you offering?

Do you have a food specialty? What can we find on you stand?

Share with us your vision

Are you sharing valuable information about your products and organic agriculture with your buyers? Can buyers visit your farm? Are you sharing knowledge and experience about organic farming on conferences and other events?

Here’s an example of a good About description:

O’Reilly farm is one of the very first organic farms that has been organic from the start, since 1987, and is tested regularly. This land has been in our family for generations. The farm sits on approximately 14 hectares, where the vegetable growing area covers about eight acres.

We grow a large variety of organic vegetables, grains, and legumes that are available most of the year at our farm. Our free-range livestock include beef and dairy cows. None of the vegetables are treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers - we grow organic food using sustainable production and farming methods that are beneficial for nature, our livestock and us.

O’Reilly farm is certified and strictly follows the EU organic regulations that are set by the European Council of Agricultural Minister.

We will be pleased to guide you for a visit of our family farm and to explain you what an organic certification really calls for. There are many facets of farming activities and you are welcomed to visit us and learn more.

We are a firm believers that farming has to be sustainable. Our mission is to make real food available to all.

Each organic producer has the story to share and each story is unique and interesting on its own.

If you need an advice on how to write your story, get in touch with us and we’ll help you to tell the story of your farm in the best way.

Now you can start creating your online presentation!

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