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Why we started OrganicNet

Behind our need to create OrganicNet lies this simple truth: healthy, natural food should be accessible to everyone. What do we believe? We believe in a world in which healthy organic food and produce are affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our mission

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Healthy food, everywhere for everyone

We believe that location and income level should not be barriers to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to make healthy organic foods accessible around the world.

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Help local organic farmers grow

We want to tell stories about family-owned businesses and local farmers that grow healthy organic food that we eat - the food that nourishes our body and enriches our lives.

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Healthy and happy future generations

We want to make a difference. We want to empower social responsibility and sustainability. We want to help people make the right decisions.

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Respect and protect our planet

We only have one planet. The principles of organic agriculture make us deeply connected to our mother Earth. We believe we can all embrace them.

Why OrganicNet?

The production of food is becoming more industrialized and directed only to profit, yet damaging to food quality. The food is more processed, heavily sprayed with chemicals and, genetically modified organisms are used in the food production on a large scale. Losing sight of people's health and planet’s preservation and protection is the result. Thus, it has never been more alarming than today for us to know what kind of food we are eating and who is producing it. The Planet has never required more protection and preservation than today.

Our mission is to awake the sentiment of food in whose quality and health benefits you can trust.

We are aware that people want to make informed and responsible choices when it comes to food they are eating and buying. It’s our mission to make it happen, and like you, we say NO to genetically modified food, artificial additives, supplements, and chemicals.


By connecting those who produce organic food directly to those who want to eat and live healthy.

And who is producing healthy food? Healthy food has its origin and its story; those are the stories of the small family-owned farms and households. They have chosen to grow organic food out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle.

Emphasizing the provenance of food and products, we want to support them, help organic producers to improve their businesses, and to provide those who want to start organic farms with new opportunities.

But OrganicNet does not only connect organic food makers to people who want to eat healthy, but supports Organic food movement and promotes the values and principles of organic agriculture.


Today. Together we can create a better future for our children and future generations. Our planet is a part of us, this we must never forget, and only through our mutual effort can we protect and preserve the planet Earth.

The food is not a mere convenience and need. We all want highly-nutritious and authentic food that is produced having in mind ethical and sustainable principles and grown to nurture our body, mind and soul.

To live healthier is to eat healthier. We believe that together we can bring change to the world.

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