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Privacy Policy

Thank you for using OrganicNet!

Our mission is to help you discover healthy food and offer the organic food you grow. To do so, we show you organic food and products based on your location we think you’ll be interested in based on information we collect from you and third parties we use on our website. Based on that information, you provide, we also show your personalized ads on Facebook. We only use that information where we have a proper legal basis for doing so.

We wrote this policy to help you understand what information we collect, how we use it and what choices you have about it. As OrganicNet is an internet company, some of the concepts below are a little technical, but we’ve tried our best to explain things in a simple and clear way.  We welcome your questions and comments on this policy. All the gathered information is stored in a database and is used to realize and control a safe use of the OrganicNet.

Who processes information

Eton Digital D.O.O. processes all the necessary information of the persons who have given consent for their data to be processed, with a clearly stated purpose in a manner allowed by the law, so that the person whose information is being processed cannot be defined or definable after the purpose of processing has been met, proportionately with the purpose of processing.

The processed information need to be authentic and complete and based on a credible source, i.e. a source that has not been outdated. Access to and the search of the OrganicNet platform is free. Eton Digital D.O.O. does not require you to submit your personal information unless you require certain services offered on the platform.

Collection and processing of information by are done in accordance with the following: gathers personal information from its customers, i.e. information about the company in cases of legal persons. The purpose, i.e. the obligation to collect information is defined by the Advertising Law of the Republic of Serbia, Article 11. The purpose of collecting information is also to prevent the misuse in advertising as well as internal processing of information with the purpose of compiling demographic reports.

People who use the information are persons who are employed or hired by Eton Digital D.O.O. i.e. OrganicNet, persons with whom a member establishes communication (to an extent necessary for proper communication), and all the state institutions who have the right to use the information, whether legally or by arbitration.

We collect information in a few different ways:

When you give it to us or give us permission to obtain it

When you sign up for or use OrganicNet, you give us certain information voluntarily. This includes your name, e-mail address, phone number, profile photo, location, IP address, comments, and any other information you give us. If you buy or order something on OrganicNet, we collect payment information, contact information (address and phone number) and details of what you bought. If you buy something for someone else, we collect their delivery details and contact information.

If you link your Facebook account or accounts from other third-party services to OrganicNet, we also get information from those accounts (such as your friends or contacts, your e-mail and public profile). The information we get from those services depends on your settings and their privacy policies, so please check what those are.

We also get technical information when you use OrganicNet

Whenever you use any website, mobile application or other internet services, certain information gets created and logged automatically. The same is true when you use OrganicNet. Here are some of the types of information we collect:

Specifically, these are the data we collect:

Our partners share information with us

We also get information about you and your activity outside OrganicNet from third parties, For example: when we use third parties for analytics, they share information with us to help us to figure out what kinds of ads to show you or what features are you most interested in.. This includes information about your visits to our site or purchases you made from us, or information about your interests, which we might use to help to show you ads.

What we do with the information we collect

We use the information we collect to provide the Service to you. We commit to showing you content/products that are relevant, interesting and personal to you. In order to do that, it’s necessary for us to use your information to:

In addition and for similar reasons, we have a legitimate interest in using your information in these ways. It is also fundamental to the nature of the Service we provide. In short, it’s necessary for us to do these things in order to make the Service relevant, interesting and personal to you like we promised, and it’s in both of our interests for us to do that.

We also have a legitimate interest to improve OrganicNet, maintain our relationship with you, and protect users. We both benefit when we use your information to:

To find out more about how we use cookies, please see our Cookies Policy.

In addition to the specific circumstances above, we’ll only use your information with your consent in order to:

We’ll also rely on your consent where we use cookies to:

To find out more about how we use cookies, and your choices about how we use them, please see our Cookies Policy.

Transferring your information

By using OrganicNet, you authorize us to transfer and store your information outside your home country, including in the United States, for the purposes described in this policy. The privacy protections and the rights of authorities to access your information in these countries may not be the same as in your home country.

Choices you have about your information

Our goal is to give you simple and meaningful choices regarding your information. If you have the OrganicNet account, many of the choices you have on OrganicNet are built directly into OrganicNet or your settings. For example, you can:

You also have choices available to you through the device or software you use to access OrganicNet. For example:

To learn more about these choices, please see the information provided by your device or software provider.

How and when we share information

Anyone can see your public profile and information you give us. Some of the ways we use your information require us to share information with third parties, so we make sure our customization is effective and comply with laws that apply to us. We share your information with:

How long we keep your information

We keep your information only so long as we need it to provide OrganicNet to you and fulfill the purposes described in this policy. This is also the case for anyone that we share your information with and who carries out services on our behalf. When we no longer need to use your information and there is no need for us to keep it to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, we’ll either remove it from our systems or depersonalize it so that we can't identify you.

Eton Digital D.O.O, is not responsible for the accuracy of the information entered on OrganicNet by other persons, nor for the accuracy of the results of processing such information.

Our policy on children’s information

If you are based in the EEA you may only use OrganicNet if you are over the age at which you can provide consent to data processing under the laws of your country or if verifiable parental consent for your use of OrganicNet has been provided to us. Consent for submission of personal information of persons under 18 years of age is given by their parents and legal guardians.

Your options

You have options in relation to the information that we have about you described below. To exercise these options, please contact us. If you're an EEA user, you can:

We will not use your information in any way unless we have your consent. Your profile and personal information can be deleted at any time in one of the following ways: by requesting to delete your information or account, sending an e-mail to or by sending a letter to Eton Digital D.O.O., 25b Bulevar cara Lazara Street, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.

Your consent can be recalled at any time. If you do recall your consent to processing Personality Data, Eton Digital D.O.O. is obliged to permanently destroy all your information, immediately, or no later than 30 days after receiving the recall.

Before collecting the information, Eton Digital D.O.O. notifies the person referred to by the information about the following:

How we make changes to this policy

We may change this policy from time to time and if we do, we’ll post any changes on this page. If you continue to use OrganicNet after those changes are in effect, you agree to the new policy. If the changes are significant, we may provide a more prominent notice or get your consent, as required by law.

Contact us

The best way to get in touch is through the Contact on our website. If you live in Serbia, Eton Digital D.O.O. is responsible for your information. You can contact OrganicNet at 25b Bulevar cara Lazara Street, Novi Sad, 21000, Serbia.

If you live outside Serbia, the data controller you should contact is Eton Digital Ltd. with its registered office at Crown House, 72 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London W14 8TH.

Privacy policy refers only to the use of the OrganicNet, and is only applicable on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and not to the websites which can be accessed through the aforementioned platform nor to the territories of other countries. Unpublished personal information about the registered users will not be available to third-parties and will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Serbia.

Effective: 23. 05. 2018.

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