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Latest From The Knowledge Base On Organic Farming

Why we started OrganicNet

Our mission

We believe in a world in which healthy organic foods and produce are accessible and affordable to everyone.

We do not only connect food makers and food lovers. OrganicNet stands for a healthy nutrition and lifestyle and supports Organic food movement.

Great change often comes slowly but we are here to move the boundaries of possible.

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Healthy food, everywhere for everyone

We believe that location and income level should not be barriers to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to make healthy organic foods accessible around the world.

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Help local organic farmers grow

We want to tell stories about family-owned businesses and local farmers that grow healthy organic food that we eat - the food that nourishes our body and enriches our lives.

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Healthy and happy future generations

We want to make a difference. We want to empower social responsibility and sustainability. We want to help people make the right decisions.

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Respect and protect our planet

We only have one planet. The principles of organic agriculture make us deeply connected to our mother Earth. We believe we can all embrace them.

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