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How to sell

How can you activate/deactivate your product?

A deactivated product is a product that is no longer visible on the market and temporarily removed from your stand.

The product is hidden, and you can activate the same product when you have it available again for purchasing. To deactivate your product, you can:

1. Click on the button Deactivate on a single product page

OrganicNet Product Activate/Deactivate

2. Go to My stand, find the product that you want to deactivate, click Manage and select Deactivate.

OrganicNet Product Activate/Deactivate

How will you know that the product is removed? This is how you will see the deactivated product:

OrganicNet Product Activate/Deactivate

To make this product visible to the Market again, click Activate, and the product is back on the market.

OrganicNet Product Activate/Deactivate

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