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How to sell

How to set price

We’ll offer you to choose a unit (kilogram, item, and liter) and a currency (Serbian dinar or euros).

OrganicNet Set Price

If your unit is different to those we are offering, describe how you will measure your product and choose the option Item.

If you are selling eggs, you can write A dozen of eggs, select Item and then set price per dozen.

The currency you choose the first time cannot be changed later.

Set price and click on the button Finish.

Wohoo, your product is added!

And don’t worry, you can easily edit and change your product information.

Go to the single page of the product you want to edit, find the button Edit in the upper right corner, click on it, and easily change information about your product. If you want to see the list of all your products, go to My stand.

OrganicNet Set Price

Go to your profile and start adding more of your products.

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