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How to sell

How can you promote your product?

The promoted product will be shown at the top of all other products on the Market for a period of one month. This is how your promoted product is shown on the Market:

OrganicNet Order Decline

To promote your product, go to a single product page and click on the button Promote.

OrganicNet Order Decline

Or, go to My stand, choose a product you want to promote and click Promote.

OrganicNet Order Decline

To have your product promoted your are paying 5 euros for the service, and you can pay via bank transfer or a credit card.

Once you click on the button Promote, add all necessary information related to your billing information, select either a credit card or a bank transfer in the payment information. If you choose to pay via ca credit card, you need to insert card holder’s name, the card number, CVC code and an expiry date, then click on the button Pay. The amount due to pay will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card and a bill is sent to your email.

To pay via bank transfer, select a Bank transfer option, click on the button Submit and we’ll send you an email containing an invoice and payment instructions. After the payments is processed, your product is promoted.

The product is promoted from the moment the payment is processed and for a period of 30 days. The information about the end date of the promotion is available on the page of the promoted product.

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