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How to sell

What are ratings and how can you build your reputation?

There are different levels of buyer’s expectations that are very important for the quality of relationships and cooperation. One of those expectations is trust. We want to be sure that people we communicate with on a business level are respecting agreements, and that they are honest and fair in business.

OrganicNet is based on trust and reputation. We believe that a successful trading business should be based on good relationships between the buyer and the seller, and that such relationships can empower future cooperation and establish a long-term positive result for both the seller and the buyer.

What does this mean?

After the successful order, both the buyer and the seller have the opportunity to review each other and leave a comment and impression.

Some say that the price attracts buyers, others say it’s the product, and some believe it’s the attractive design and package and the eye-catching ad. However, the fact is that not all buyers think alike. The one thing that is important to every buyer is to be certain that the product meet their expectations.

A buyer expects from the seller to respect his time, to deliver as promised, and to be a professional.

In other words, the buyer expects trust, responsibility and certitude.

To make sure that the product meets their expectations, the buyers will search for information about the product, ask other buyers for their opinion and experience, and ask around about the seller’s reputation.

The whole purchasing process on OrganicNet market is based on trust and reputation. Building trust is important for the quality business relationships. Moreover, this is the core of a good buyer-seller relationship.

To address the needs of buyers and sellers, we have created a rating system that will enable everyone to share their experience and opinion about the whole purchasing process. Thus, whether you are a buyer or seller, every user can easily and simply find information, read reviews and comments, and make an informed decision before ordering the product.

OrganicNet Reviews

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