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How to sell

How does your profile work?

Try to think what a potential buyer, who is interested in buying your product, would want to know about you and your business.

Is the buyer only interested in the products you are offering, or would he be interested in finding out more about your farm? Does he find it important to know whether other buyers would recommend you?

OrganicNet market gives you the opportunity to answer all these questions, and your internet presentation on the platform allows you to market your farm in the best way.

Once you register, your personal profile is automatically created, and your personal profile is your personal website and online presentation.

The producer’s profile is created in a way to provide all relevant information the buyer would want to know, and to enable him to easily find the products.

What is your online store?

Your internet presentation provides the following information:

  • My Stand is the section where the buyer will see all products you are offering, including the address and delivery options.
  • Reviews is the section where you can find ratings and reviews from buyers with whom you have already has a successful cooperation.
  • About is the part where you can share the story about your farm.
OrganicNet My Profile

What is the advantage of your online store?

The buyer can visit your online store any time, find all products you are offering, order them, and learn more about you and your farm.

My Stand section has two parts:

  • Products
  • Address and delivery options

In the Products section you will find all your products that you are offering on the market, and in the Address & Delivery options section the buyer can see the address of your farm and delivery options.

OrganicNet My Profile

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