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How to sell

Why is it important to add a product in the right category?

The answer is rather simple: the buyers can browse products by categories.

OrganciNet is a social marketplace that recommends organic products based on the location that the buyer selects. Thus, if a buyer wants to find organic food in a particular city and nearby all he has to do is type the name of the city in the search bar.

The buyer can, however, browse products in different ways, that is by:

  • location
  • food category and subtypes
  • food characteristics (if the food is certified organic, free-range produced, and more)
  • price
  • date
  • seller’s average ratings
  • the delivery areas
  • basic search by words

The buyer perhaps only want to find products such as jam or honey regardless of the location, and in that case the buyer will select the appropriate category.

Strawberry jam is listed in the category Honey, jam and desserts and subtype Jam.

What kind of mistake can happen?

Let’s take Strawberry jam as an example - if you select Fruit category for this product by accident the buyer won’t be able to find it.

Buyers have certain expectations. They want to quickly find the product they wish to buy. Feeling of pleasure while shopping is specific for each buyer and varies from person to person, but all buyers share one thing: they expect what was promised. They also do have many options when shopping online and can easily find information or products elsewhere.

On OrganicNet market buyers can browse 11 categories and many food and products subtypes. Accordingly, as categories are organized in a way for each producer to easily find the category for its products, sellers can easily add products in those categories.

Therefore, the buyer who want to find Carrots will select Vegetables category, and the one who wants to buy Apples will choose Fruits category.

What if you are not certain about the product category?

If you are not certain which category to choose, think like a buyer and try to find the category that is the most appropriate. Try to think of the category where the buyers would search for that product.

If you still don’t know in which category to add your product, please contact us via email or Contact Us page, we are here to help and provide advice.

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