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How to sell

Product photography tips

A blurry or soft photograph can only confuse the buyer. This happens when you get closer to an object you want to photograph where even the slightest vibration causes motion blur. If you get closer to an object, the motion blur will become more obvious.

How to avoid it?

Hold the camera steady or set it down on something stable. You can use a tripod as well or camera’s delayed timer to minimize movement.

Should you use flash?

Flash can cause grayness, shadows and reflections. Avoid using a flash, unless you have a flash diffuser, which allows you to capture photos at any time of the day.

If you are using flash, you will have to pay attention and avoid ugly shadows from direct flashes and might not be able to capture the right color or other details of your product.

And what about the best image size?

The best photo size is 540 x 405 pixels, the maximum size of 8MB, and one of the following formats are suitable for uploading: .jpg, .jpeg, .png., and gif.

The conclusion?

We all know the saying: A picture is worth a thousand times - and that’s correct. The photography is crucial for product promotion, moreover, visual content is what attracts the attention and make people remember the product. But remember, photographs look different on bigger screens, so don’t choose the best one until you review them properly.

It’s not really difficult - just put a little thought into it.

Don’t satisfy with acceptable - do your best to capture a beautiful product photo given you have already invested your time.

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