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How to buy?

When I submit an order, did I buy the product?

When you submit an order, the producer/seller receives the notification about the new order and he can see all details related to it: the date, time, delivery options and quantity.


When you order a product, the seller is notified of the new order request and he can accept, decline or suggest a change

What does it mean that a producer has to accept the order?

The seller will accept your order if he can meet all your requirements (the date and time, and quantity) and the order will have a status ACCEPTED.


Even when the order is accepted, you can still communicate with the seller and get information about the order or ask more questions of your interest.


And what if the seller can’t meet the requirements?

The seller has the option to suggest a change related to the date and time of the delivery and to the quantity in case the seller doesn’t have the products available at the moment.

The buyer receives the notification about the suggested changes once the seller changes the order and if the buyer agrees with those proposed changes, he can accept the order.


The buyer can accept or decline the order or suggest new changes if the proposed ones are not agreeable. The process of suggesting lasts until one of the users either accept or decline the last proposed change.

How can I know if the order is declined?

Once the seller responds to the order and declines it, the buyer will receive an email that the order is declined and a notification of the declined order will show on his OrganicNet profile.

All your orders and the status of each order you can see in the section Orders.


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