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How to buy?

How and where can I rate?

OrganicNet only accepts the ratings from users who have successfully completed the ordering process because we believe this is the fairest way for both producers and buyers to be rated, and based on those ratings, to easily decide with whom they want to trade.

What does that mean?

If the order is accepted and delivered both the seller and buyer can form an opinion and impression about the purchasing process. OrganicNet will send you an email 24 hours after the products are delivered and ask you to share your opinion and rate the seller.

When you click on the button Add a review you will be directed to a page where you can rate a producer and see details about your order, leave your comment and evaluate the process.

What do I rate?

You evaluate the seller and review the overall purchasing process with grades from 1 to 5 rating the following:

  • Value of money
  • Food quality
  • Communication with seller

Once you select the grade and leave a comment, click on Submit.

To remind you once more: your every mark is important and influence on rating. Be respectful to both buyers and sellers, evaluate the process and leave a comment.

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