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How to buy?

Why should I rate a seller?

Ask yourself the following:

Is it important for you to know the person from whom you are ordering food and products?


How can you know if the food is of high quality?

Shopping online doesn’t differ much to shopping in stores but in the fact that you can feel and taste the products before buying. However, as the seller is trying to present his products in the best way, so will the buyer find the information of interest to him.

We have made it possible for you to be certain that the food you want to buy is certified organic and also to get to know the producers and make an informed decision whether you want to buy their products.


We believe that building trust is important for creating any relationship, specifically the one between the seller and the buyer.

OrganicNet is a social marketplace where the whole purchasing process is built on reputation and trust.

To make it easy for both buyers and sellers, we created a simple rating system that enables users to share their experience and opinion about the whole purchasing process and make an informed decision before ordering a product.

So, how can I rate a seller?

Buyers can evaluate the sellers with grades from 1 to 5 rating the following:

  • Value for the money
  • Food quality
  • Communication with a seller

Rating is not mandatory, however,it’s highly desirable as the average rating of both the seller and buyer is visible on their profiles. Thus, your every mark is important and influence on ratings.

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