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How to buy?

What can I know about the product I want to buy?

To be able to find the products you want we ensured that all necessary information about the product are visible and easily available.

Every product is placed in a certain category and subtype and contains the basic information:

  • Name and surname of the producer
  • Producer’s photography
  • The average rating of the producer
  • Name of the product
  • Price

Producers have the option to present their products in details.They can add up to 5 photographs of the product that actually looks the way it's portrayed in the photo, and to describe the product in details.


To confirm the food quality, the producers have the option to add a certificate they own and producers who are certified organic will receive a badge that is visible at producer’s stand and at their every product that is certified organic.


Everyone who want be certain that the document is valid can download the certificate.

If the products are in the conversion period, the producers will receive a badge that shows they are waiting for the certificate. For the products that are not certified organic, no badge will be added.


Producers can also choose different delivery options that a buyer can find in the description of each product:

  • to pick up the products at the producer’s farm or household
  • to have the products delivered at the buyer’s home address (whether personally or via courier service)

In case you decide to pick up the products yourself, the producer will add the address that you can see on the map and easily find a location where you can pick up your ordered products.


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