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Terms & Conditions

This document titled Terms and Conditions (Terms) govern your access to and defines the conditions of using the OrganicNet website (OrganicNet).

Please read these Terms carefully, and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing or using OrganicNet, you agree to be bound by these Terms, our Privacy Policy, and our Cookies Policy.

OrganicNet.co reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, in accordance with the changes of legal regulations, or new supply elements.

A beneficiary (customer) of the OrganicNet has read and agreed with the following terms:

General regulations

These Terms are an integral part of OrganicNet, and as such, they represent a contract between Eton Digital D.O.O., from Novi Sad; 25b Bulevar cara Lazara Street (Hereinafter: Eton Digital D.O.O..), registered in the Registry of Economic Subjects with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, with the registration number 20480424, VAT: 105876353, Standard Industrial Classification Code: 6201 – computer programming, account number: 160-312519-24 with Banca Intesa AD Beograd, email: info@organicnet.co and each individual member. This contract establishes rights and obligations concerning the use of OrganicNet.co platform (Hereinafter: OrganicNet).

Our service

OrganicNet is designed and intended for electronic trading of organic products as well as education, information and promotion of electronic trading with the customers. The dealings of Eton Digital D.O.O., through OrganicNet is regulated by the Law on Electronic Commerce, and other laws included in the legal system of the Republic of Serbia, in the parts which are not regulated by the aforementioned Law.

Using OrganicNet

Visitors and members are considered customers of OrganicNet.

A visitor is a subject who accesses the platform via Internet, with regards to these Terms, but does not register onto the platform and does not have access to all of the platform’s content.

A member is a legal entity or a natural person, who has registered onto OrganicNet, under the Terms and in a way regulated by these Terms.

When you create your OrganicNet account, you must provide us with accurate and complete information. Any use or access by anyone under the age of 13 is not allowed. If you’re based in the EEA, you may only use OrganicNet if you are over the age at which you can provide consent to data processing under the laws of your country or if verifiable parental consent for your use of OrganicNet has been provided to us. You agree that we may automatically update that software, and these Terms will apply to any updates.

Our licence

Subject to these Terms and our policies, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to use our Service.

Provider of information

Eton Digital D.O.O. enables the use of services and content of OrganicNet only in ways described in Terms. The Conditions are applicable on all services and all content.

Eton Digital D.O.O. respects the rights of personality, privacy, data protection, copyright and other related rights, as well as business conduct customs, in all instances; in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia which are currently in effect.

Any use of the whole OrganicNet, or any of its parts which is not in accordance with the Terms, will be considered as a misuse of services.

Eton Digital D.O.O. is not to be held responsible for any technical issues that may lead to delays and/or faulty electronic data processing, including the system clock. The aforementioned issues are the responsibilities of the internet provider.

Eton Digital D.O.O. does not guarantee the continuity of using OrganicNet, nor is it in any way responsible of any possible temporary inaccessibility, partial or complete malfunctioning, as well as the consequences possibly caused by using the platform.

Declaration of responsibility

Using OrganicNet platform is the responsibility of the user. Each individual entry is the responsibility of the member who has made the entry.

Texts, comments, photos and other entries which the members post in the specified rubrics, have to be accurate and correct. The correctness of the aforementioned posts is the responsibility of the members who posted them. Correctness of entries means that they come from a competent source and/or personal experience.

Eton Digital D.O.O. does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance or content of posts posted by the members.

Eton Digital D.O.O. does not initiate the transfer of the electronic message handled by the customer, does not administer the selection of transferable data nor documents, does not administer the exclusion or editing of data in the content of the message or document, and does not administer the selection of the transfer recipient. This disclaimer refers to all the potential damage caused by any hidden drawbacks, errors, disruptions, erasures, malfunctions, lagging or transfers of computer viruses, communication breakdowns, stealing, destruction or unauthorized access to data or its misuse by third parties, contract termination, any behavior which is not in accordance with Terms, reckless behavior, etc.

The customer explicitly accepts that Eton Digital D.O.O. cannot be held responsible for the actions of other members or third parties, as well as that the risk of any potential damage is taken entirely by those persons, in accordance with the actual legislation of the Republic of Serbia. OrganicNet can be temporarily unavailable, or available with certain limitations, due to regular system maintenance or system upgrades.

Eton Digital D.O.O. holds the right to change, delete (permanently or temporarily) any of its platform’s elements, as well as the services it provides and the content (i.e. entries), without prior notice or notification, but with the application of good business etiquette; especially with the purpose of maintaining the platform’s integrity, data security and regular maintenance. In accordance with the following Articles of Law on Electronic Commerce of Republic of Serbia:

Contractual relationship and adhesion contract

By accessing and using the OrganicNet, the members agree to the Terms issued by Eton Digital D.O.O, and thus conclude the adhesion contract with the provider of information society services.

By accessing the OrganicNet, each member declares that he/she has read these Terms and Conditions and has agreed to them.

OrganicNet Marketplace

About the Platform

OrganicNet is a platform found on the internet address https://www.organicnet.co, and it is the official internet platform of the company Eton Digital D.O.O.

OrganicNet is an online social marketplace and a knowledge sharing network, which connects the producers of organic food with the customers in their vicinity.

OrganicNet platform is intended to establish the market and mediate between persons who are involved in buying and selling organic products.

Eton Digital D.O.O, through the platform, also provides the services of internet presentations to Certification Bodies, and services of transferring commercial ad messages of its members, in accordance with the definitions found in Republic of Serbia’s Advertising Law - Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 2, as well as the Law on Electronic Commerce - Article 3, Paragraph 1, Item 8, and all in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Using certain features of OrganicNet is subject to payment charges, in accordance with these Terms.


For using the services of OrganicNet, a free registration is required. The customer is obliged to enter accurate and complete personal information during the process of creating his/her account, and every time they enter or edit their personal information afterward.

Registration is done by logging in to OrganicNet. The customer enters their email address and password and clicks on the confirmation link they have received in the registration email they received from OrganicNet.

A registered, logged on customers of the platform, who are producers of organic products are able to:

Registered, logged on customers of the portal who are buying organic products are able to:

Registered and logged on customers of the portal who are Certification Bodies are able to:

A registered customer accepts the possibility of contact through e-messages, with the purpose of sales or purchase realization, and with the purpose of helping out or receiving any other promotional contents from OrganicNet.

A customer accepts that the content of his/her offer of products (text with images) will be published on OrganicNet, and will be available to everyone via the Internet.

Paid promotional messages have to be in accordance with the Republic of Serbia Advertising Law and the Copyright Law (Copyright Act).


Membership fees are only related to customers who offer their products and services through OrganicNet. All other services of OrganicNet can be used forever, free of charge.

OrganicNet offers two types of membership for producers: Starter and Professional.

Starter Membership is free for the first six months, and after six months the customer pays a membership fee of 10 euros, upon accepting the Professional Membership.

If a customer of the platform makes a total sales revenue of more than 1000 euros during the free membership period (first six months), he/she is automatically offered to transfer to Professional Membership, and is thus obliged to pay a monthly membership fee of 10 euros and a 3% transaction fee, paid only after an order has been confirmed. If the membership is not paid, the account will be temporarily deactivated and will be activated again upon paying the membership. A customer can decline the Professional Membership, but he/she thus loses the opportunity to sell their products because they will immediately lose the Starter Membership status.

OrganicNet offers two types of membership to Certification Authorities: Basic and Premium.

Basic Membership, which is free and it contains the basic information about the company, and Premium Membership, for which a 30 euro monthly fee is paid.

A Premium Membership enables Certification Bodies to add more detailed information, such as address, website, phone number, description of the company and services they provide, application forms, etc.

Memberships at OrganicNet can be cancelled at any time. After membership cancellation, members holding the Professional Membership are obliged to settle any existing debts regarding the 3% transaction fees paid at the end of each month.

In the case of early membership cancellation, Professional/Premium members are obliged to settle all of their debts regarding the 3% transaction fee, if they had made any profit while their account was active/obligatory monthly membership fee up until the moment of cancellation. By cancelling the membership, the customer agrees that his/her products will no longer be visible at the Marketplace.

The customer will receive an invoice containing the transaction and monthly membership fees, via email.

OrganicNet does not reimburse in cases of early membership cancellation for customers holding a Professional Membership nor Certification Bodies holding a Premium Membership.

Natural Persons

A natural person becomes a member (customer) at OrganicNet by accepting these Terms and giving consent for collection and processing of Personal Data (an option to agree/disagree with Terms is given during the registration).

The customer thus gives consent to gather the information about email and IP addresses which they access the platform from, as well as to process this information with the purpose stated in these Terms.

Every natural person who is an adult, able to work holding all manufacturing and/or product distribution permits, can become a member (customer).

By accepting these Terms, every natural person member guarantees that he/she has been registered in the Central Register of Objects ran by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. They also guarantee that they possess all the licenses and meet all the conditions to produce, distribute and advertise the products they offer on the OrganicNet platform, in accordance with the Food Safety Law, and all other laws and legislation of the Republic of Serbia, which deal closely with the manners and conditions for production, distribution and advertising food (Hereinafter: Food Safety Legislations). The products that they offer on the OrganicNet have to meet all the demands regarding quality, declarations and labeling, according to the Food Safety Legislations.

Legal Persons

Legal persons become members (customers) of the platform after they have followed the registration procedure: register onto OrganicNet, accept these Terms and giving consent to the gathering and processing the personality information (an option to agree/disagree with Terms is given during the registration).

A legal person thus gives consent to gather the information about email and IP addresses which they access the platform from, as well as to process this information with the purpose stated in these Terms.

Every properly registered legal person holding all manufacturing and/or product distribution permits can become a member (customer) at OrganicNet.

By accepting these Terms, every legal person member guarantees that he/she has been registered in the Central Register of Objects run by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. They also guarantee that they possess all the licenses and meet all the conditions to produce, distribute and advertise the products they offer on the OrganicNet in accordance with the Food Safety Legislations. The products that they offer on the OrganicNet.co platform have to meet all the demands regarding quality, declarations and labeling, according to the Food Safety Legislations.

Legal persons are, first and foremost, affected by the Conditions of Use, and the Positive Laws of the Republic of Serbia.

Membership Termination

Eton Digital D.O.O.. has the right to approve or deny a registration or membership request or to limit any member’s or future member’s use of the platform, at any time, without an explanation, especially in cases of violation of these Terms or a law of the Republic of Serbia.

A member (customer) can delete his/her account by clicking on the feature Request to delete the account or by sending an email entitled “Request to delete account” to the contact email address info@organicnet.co. A customer can terminate their membership at any time. The same moment the membership has been cancelled, regardless of the reason and type of termination, all the rights immediately cease and all the member’s debts (if any) immediately fall due.

All the data gathered, can be used as evidence in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia; especially in order to prevent and discover all types of illegal actions and commitment of felonies.

A member whose membership has been terminated by Eton Digital D.O.O., does not have the right to once again register as a member, whether by using his, or anybody else’s name, without a specific prior consent of Eton Digital D.O.O.

Gathered and processed data will be dealt with by Eton Digital D.O.O., in accordance with the law.

A seller is obliged to settle all of his obligations (such as obligatory commission or membership fees) as described in the Professional Membership.

A member who is a Certification Body has to settle the same obligations when terminating a Premium Membership.

Member responsibilities

Members are obliged to safeguard their access password which they need in order to use OrganicNet, at all times. They should also never show the password to a third person.

In case of any violation of this rule, members do so at their own risk and have a full responsibility towards the aggrieved party, in case if any damage caused by such a use of their account. Content published by OrganicNet members in the My Story section of their profiles can contain a URL or an email address leading only to pages within the platform, and cannot contain links towards other web pages.

Eton Digital D.O.O, holds the right to remove all external or internal addresses and contents which are found not to suit the purpose of OrganicNet.

Customers are forbidden from blocking, covering or editing contents generated by Eton Digital D.O.O., and from blocking or disabling them in any other way.

Using software mechanisms and other programing tools which can interfere with the regular activities of OrganicNet is forbidden. Members must not take actions which could lead to overusing and unsuitable use of the OrganicNet infrastructure. These activities are subject to criminal and material liability. A member is obliged to compensate for any damage he/she has caused, whether to the platform or to other customers.

Eton Digital D.O.O, is not responsible for checking or in any other way controlling the behavior of its members, regarding the use of OrganicNet. Eton Digital D.O.O, has the right, if it sees it as necessary, to check if the entries (i.e. contents) published by members on the OrganicNet platform, agree with the purpose of the platform.

By starting a membership, all the members agree that the List of Prohibited Conduct, defined by these Terms, is applicable to them; in accordance with these Terms.

Trade between customers  

OrganicNet is a platform intended for establishing a market and mediation between persons involved in the purchase of organic products.

Every purchase or trade between the platform’s users (customer) is at their own risk, and Eton Digital D.O.O. will not be held responsible in cases of any possible damage caused by any kind of transaction between the customers. Customers are, however, warned to be cautious when trading with each other.

Eton Digital D.O.O. holds the right to delete offers, counteroffers, texts, images or any other material from OrganicNet, at any time, without a specific explanation. Concerning the aforementioned deletion, a member or any other third party cannot practice any rights or send requests to Eton Digital D.O.o., regarding the deletion.

Eton Digital D.O.O, also holds the right to share, delete, re-establish or edit an Offer category in any other way, as well as to relocate an existing offer from one category to another, without any prior notice or explanation.

A Seller is obliged to provide truthful information about the product on offer, and to provide thorough information about payment and delivery. All known drawbacks concerning the product or packaging need to be clearly stated.

A Seller is obliged to publish his offer in a suitable product category on the market.

Free Services

OrganicNet provides free services of trading with organic food and products to all its members during the promotional period, as well as free services of commerce for the buyers of organic products, and free services of internet advertising to Certificate Authorities, all in accordance with the Advertising Law and the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia.

Free Services for Producers

Memberships concern only those customers who offer their products and services via OrganicNet.

OrganicNet provides free services of commerce to producers of organic products in the form of free membership during the six-month promotional period, or until they have made a total revenue of 1000 Euros during the free membership, six-month period.

Free Services for Buyers

OrganicNet provides free services of commerce to buyers of organic products, for an unlimited period of time, on the platform.

Free Services for Certification Bodies

OrganicNet provides free services for Certification Authorities through the Basic Membership, which includes: name, logo, accreditation number, code, country of registration and the name of the accreditation system authority who has accredited it.

Paid Services

OrganicNet.co provides paid services in the form of:

The price list of services is listed and written in the Instructions of Use of OrganicNet. OrganicNet holds the right to change the prices of its paid services in accordance with its business policy.

Concluded purchase/sale

A confirmed purchase between a seller and a buyer, which comes into effect as soon as the order receives the status “ACCEPTED”, is considered as a conclusion of purchase. The contents of a concluded purchase/sale between a seller and a buyer are:

After ordering products via OrganicNet, the customer will receive a created invoice on his email address, which will contain the value of the order.

A seller is obliged to transfer the ownership of the product to the buyer, free of any third party rights, in exchange for a trading price. A buyer is obliged to pay the set amount of money to the seller, for the product he/she is purchasing.

A seller is obliged to provide a product which fits the described characteristics. If the seller does not guarantee a certain characteristic/feature of the product, it needs to be clearly stated, otherwise, this information will also be considered as guaranteed.

The risk of decay of the product falls onto the buyer in the moment when a delivery has been attempted but has not been finalized due to the buyer’s fault. OrganicNet is not responsible for a safe transport and delivery.

All the deadlines and obligations concerning communication, contract execution, complaints and rating are stated in Directions of Use of the OrganicNet platform.

Unless agreed upon otherwise by seller and buyer, the obligation of seller towards buyer and buyer towards seller have to be administered properly and completely, according to the deadlines defined in the Directions of use of the OrganicNet.

Every member has the right to purchase according to his/her own needs.

Delivery expenses (if any) will be charged at the moment of the pick-up of the product, and all the possible expenses that the buyer could have should be clearly stated, otherwise the buyer does not defray any expenses.

According to the Law on Consumer Protection, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the order, unless in cases of easily perishable goods, and other cases stated in the Law.

Rating System

Through the rating system, the members of OrganicNet.co rate the trading process, whether it is in accordance with the Conditions of Use and the Directions of Use of the OrganicNet.

All rules and deadlines concerning the rating are included in the Directions of Use of the OrganicNet.

Rules and Conditions for sending electronic messages and giving offers

OrganicNet.co to its registered users offers the service of free communication via electronic messages. The communication via these messages is free, under the condition of obeying the following bans:


Eton Digital D.O.O, is not responsible for the content of a package delivered by the seller to the buyer. A customer accepts the use of this system at their own risk.

The risk of decay or damaging the objects during transport is taken by the organization transporting the object, i.e. a courier service or the seller himself/herself if he/she makes a commitment after the offer to deliver the product has been accepted.


We care about the security of our users. While we work to protect the security of your content and account, OrganicNet can’t guarantee that unauthorized third parties won’t be able to defeat our security measures. We ask that you keep your password secure. Please notify us immediately of any compromise or unauthorized use of your account.

Your content

You grant OrganicNet a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, store, display, reproduce, save, modify, create derivative works, perform, and distribute your user content on OrganicNet solely for the purposes of operating, developing, providing, and using OrganicNet. Nothing in these Terms restricts other legal rights OrganicNet may have to user content, for example under other licenses. We reserve the right to remove or modify content or change the way it’s used on OrganicNet, for any reason. This includes the content that we believe violates these Terms or any other policies.

How long we keep your content

Following termination or deactivation of your account, or if you remove any user content, we may keep your content for a reasonable period of time, and remove it in a period of 30 days.

Protection of rights

Eton Digital D.O.O. will (in each and every case) provide full support to the protection of personality rights, rights to privacy, property and intellectual property, to all persons who hold these rights, or to those whose rights have been abused, by momentarily (after receiving a request supported by an explanation and adequate documents) removing the content so that it is no longer publicly accessible; upon request, delivering the data about the member whose entries are violating some of the stated, or any other rights. All this will be done in accordance with the Eton Digital D.O.O.’s archiving policy, Laws of the Republic of Serbia and all current regulations.

Processing and protection of personal data

The Privacy Regulations are an integral part of these Terms.

Copyright protection and protection of other rights to intellectual property

Eton Digital D.O.O. holds exclusive copyright to OrganicNet, and to certain elements which the platform consists of, such as the text, visual and audio elements, visual identity, data and databases, programing codes and other elements of the service.

Unauthorized use of the platform as a whole, or any of its parts, without an explicit previous permit issued in written form by Eton Digital D.O.O. as the exclusive rights holder will be treated as a violation of Eton Digital D.O.O.’s copyrights and is as such susceptible to putting in motion all legal procedures, with full legal measures.

OrganicNet also contains elements to which other persons hold exclusive copyrights and other rights concerning intellectual property. These elements include the contents owned by customers, business partners, advertisers and free content.

Other persons are responsible exclusively for the contents they hold the rights to, even if such contents are found on OrganicNet. By posting an entry onto the platform, the member agrees with the aforementioned entry becoming visible to any of the platform users.

Eton Digital D.O.O. is exclusively responsible for the contents it holds copyrights to.

Each party is responsible for the content that represents their copyright work.

Third party links, sites, and services


If you use OrganicNet for commercial purposes (i.e., you are not a consumer) without agreeing to our Terms, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Eton Digital D.O.O., their affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any claims, suits, proceedings, disputes, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees (including costs of defense of claims, suits or proceedings brought by third parties), in any way related to your access to or use of our Service, or your breach of any of these Terms.

List of prohibited conduct

Customers have to adhere to the following restrictions:

Limitations in Advertising Alcoholic Beverages

It is forbidden to advertise alcoholic beverages with a percentage of alcohol higher than 20%. This includes posting a watermark or any other label of an alcoholic beverage with a percentage of alcohol higher or equal to 20%.

It is allowed to advertise alcoholic beverages which contain the percentage of alcohol lower than 20%.

It is forbidden to portray or imitate the use of alcoholic beverages in adverts.

Advertising alcoholic beverages must not:

Sanctions for Breaking the Rules and Conditions

In case of any breach of rules and conditions of use at OrganicNet, or in case of not adhering to the prohibitions or breaking the law by any customer, a warning could be issued, or the service account could be temporarily or permanently blocked. According to the rules, and depending on the severity of the breach, the administration of OrganicNet first issues a warning measure, and after that, it temporarily or permanently blocks the account. Customers whose accounts have been temporarily or permanently blocked do not hold any rights to damage compensation due to their inability to use the services while their accounts were blocked.

Sanctions can also be applied when there was no violation of Terms, with the purpose of preventing the damage, or when certain actions or inactions by the user lead to the complication of business activities and work on OrganicNet.

Contacting the Customer Service and Ban of Publishing the Correspondence

For contacting the Customer Service, customers are directed to the contact form (Suggestions, Problem, Rating) which is found in the bottom-left corner of each page. The response of the administrator or someone from Customer Service does not necessarily reflect the opinions and attitudes of Eton Digital D.O.O., or OrganicNet, and in accordance with that, the customers cannot realize any rights based on such a correspondence.

It is forbidden to publish any kind of written correspondence between OrganicNet Customer Service and the customer, without a written consent issued by Eton Digital D.O.O., or an authorized person.

Directions of Use of OrganicNet


All information provided must be accurate. Edit your information in the section My profile >> Edit profile.

Prohibited conduct

Prohibited conducts are defined by the List of Prohibited Conduct specified in Terms and Conditions.

Membership cancellation

Memberships are applied only to users who offer their products and services through OrganicNet. All other services of OrganicNet can be used forever, free of charge.

You can cancel your membership at any time, without explanation, by clicking on the button Cancel membership, and confirm the cancellation afterward. The same moment the membership has been cancelled, regardless of the reason and type of termination, all the rights immediately cease and all the member’s debts (if any) immediately fall due.

Rating system

OrganicNet is based on reputation and trust and only accepts reviews from users who have successfully completed the ordering process as this is the fairest way for producers to get ratings and feedback from their buyers, and for buyers to make informed decisions based on those reviews before they decide to place an order.

Users have the possibility to review cooperation and leave impressions after an accomplished trading, rating different categories; the buyers evaluate the sellers by rating value for money, the quality of food and communication with seller with marks from 1 to 5, while the sellers give rates from 1 to 5 reviewing communication with buyer and punctuality.

Each mark counts and affects the user’s rating, however, you are not obliged to assess the cooperation.


The producer creates his/her offer, sets the price him/herself and specifies the state of the goods stock, reserving the right to change the price any time without legally violating the legitimacy of business and in accordance with the law.

Costs of transportation

The delivery of goods is done according to the producer’s specified options which are previously defined within the offer, and according to the option the buyer selects (the delivery is done personally by the seller/producer or via the authorized courier, or the buyer is picking up the products on the seller’s address in the way specified in the offer and agreed upon before the order received the status ACCEPTED).

If the buyer is picking up the products, the buyer is charged for the delivery expenses unless it is specified or agreed differently.

In case of the home delivery, or delivery via courier service, additional costs are applicable.

Delivery pick-ups

The delivery is done at the seller’s address, unless it is specified differently. The buyers who are picking up the products at the seller’s address can agree with the seller on the pick-up time.

Commision costs

The customer who is a producer and holds a Professional membership pays the commission for sold products, and the commission is the 3% transaction fees of the confirmed order. The customer will receive an invoice containing the transaction and monthly membership fees, via email. In case the user does not settle any commissions debts for the previous month, the account will be temporarily deactivated until the outstanding debt is paid and will be active immediately upon the payment


The payment is upon delivery (cash on delivery) and delivery expenses are billed in accordance with the transportation method (either personally by the producer or via courier service). The seller is required to specify the expenses of the delivery when adding a new product.

The price list

OrganicNet offers promoted (paid) services for sellers/producers. The monthly product promotion service places the product on the top of the list of all products on the Market to increase the sales potential and visibility and to make the product accessible to a greater number of users (buyers).

Monthly product promotion

: Promo position on the front page (the Market page): 5 Euros in Serbian dinar equivalent

Professional membership fee

: Users (sellers) with the Professional membership are obliged to pay a monthly fee and the provision on the transaction.

Monthly membership fee

: 10 Euros in Serbian dinar equivalent


: 3 % on the transaction of the accepted order

Premium membership fee:

Users (certification bodies) with the Premium membership are obliged to pay a monthly fee.

Monthly membership fee

: 30 Euros in Serbian dinar equivalent

Dispute settlement

OrganicNet promotes and supports trust between the buyer and the seller. OrganicNet acts as a liaison between the buyer and the seller and all disputes between users, if any, are solely the responsibility of users. In case a user doesn’t oblige to terms or violates any of the terms that are defined in the List of Prohibited Conduct, OrganicNet.co will take measures in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.


To decrease the risks of misuse to a minimum and to build trust between buyers and sellers, all payments and deliveries should be done in accordance with specified offers.

Get in touch with OrganicNet team via the Contact page for any questions or in case you need help.

Interim and final provisions

Eton Digital D.O.O. reserves the right to change or update the Terms and Conditions any time by publishing changes and updates in clear text on internet and sending an e-mail to all members at least eight days before applying those changes.

It will be considered that a registered user has agreed to the new Terms of use. In case the user doesn’t agree to new terms and as such doesn’t wish to continue the membership, the registered user is obliged to request the deletion of the account. All the rights immediately cease and all the member’s debts (if any) immediately fall due for the member who sends the request for account deletion, thus the membership is terminated in accordance to the previous version of Terms and Conditions.

All dealings that are not regulated by this Terms of Use, the current legal regulation of the Republic of Serbia is applied.

Existing regulations of the Republic of Serbia are applied in case of all disagreements between Eton Digital D.O.O. and a member related to the usage of OrganicNet platform as well as between the members of the platform. The parties are obliged to try to solve the disagreement peacefully, and in case they fail, the Commercial Court in Belgrade is responsible for the cases of dispute related to the legal persons, that is, the First Municipal Court Belgrade for disputes between natural persons, or natural and legal persons.

These Terms and Conditions are to be applied eight days since the day of the publishing on the internet page on the OrganicNet platform.

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