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Nemanja Petrović

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Point of sale :

Belgrade, Serbia
Omladinskih brigada

Delivery options:

Delivery to customer’s address by the seller or courier service Seller’s note about delivery price and terms: “Planinska jagnjetina gajena na prirodan nacin uz seno i travu sa prirodnih pasnjaka. Cena 700rsd/kg . Ocisceno jagnje sa glavom i srcem jetrom bubrezima. Trzina ociscene jagnjadi 8 -15kg . Veca jagnjad mogu uz raniji dogovor. Klanje i sredjivanje dan pre isporuke.
Jaretina sa planine. Tezina trupa mlade jaradi od 4kg do 15kg. Mlada jarad od 4-5kg u martu aprilu maju. Veca u narednim mesecima. Cena 700r-750rsd/kg
Stara sorta krompira kiflas-mesecar cena 300rsd/kg .”
Delivery areas : Belgrade, Kruševac

Customers can pick the products up at seller’s address After placing an order they will be able to agree with the seller about picking up time.


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